17 Kona Sprint

17 Kona Sprint

The 17 Kona Sprint is a Limited Production “one design class” race boat.  Developed for competition against the clock, around floating buoys.  With a crew of two, the navigator directs the driver around a challenging course at thrilling speeds.  Unique to Kona Sprint is a optional engine box and rear seats that converts the boat to a four person family sport boat.

Download Sprint Flyer [PDF]


Kona Sport Boats, a perfomance Pedigree with over 40 years experience in Jet Propulsion, manufactured with light weight materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Our boats were first introduced in the Miami Vice Stunt Shows at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida.  It was used to develop the Volvo PJX Power Jet as well as the Zodiac P561 Mid engine Diesel Jet.  Now refined to use the Rotax Water Jet System, it is the best performing Jet Boat on the market, a cross over between high end PWC and Jet Boats.


  • Loa 17′ 1″
  • Beam 6′ 1″
  • Draft 12″
  • Deadrise 20°
  • Weight 1,250 lbs
  • Power 200hp Rotax
  • Fuel 20 Gal
  • Capacity 2 person (1,250 lbs)

Kona Concepts Sprint 2 Seater 2020